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Bank Account Frozen

Unfreeze Your Finances - Resolve Bank Account Issues Today!

Bank Account Frozen

Don’t let the IRS intimidate you. As a tax professional, I have the expertise to swiftly and affordably retrieve your funds from a frozen bank account.


Not only will you recover your funds from a frozen bank account or tax levy when you work with us, but we will also settle your case with the IRS.

As tax professionals, Managers, and Instructors who have issued numerous IRS Wage Garnishments and Bank Tax Levies, we possess the precise know-how to promptly release the tax levy and resolve your case with the IRS.


As soon as possible, we will send a legal document called a power of attorney to the Internal Revenue Service, informing them that we will represent you in all tax-related matters. This means that you no longer have to personally communicate with them.

I can ensure that all your tax returns are accurately submitted to the IRS. It’s crucial to have up-to-date tax returns as it can affect the outcome of your case. If your tax returns are not current, the IRS may decline to work on your case and you could be prevented from receiving a release of tax levy or frozen bank funds.

To comply with IRS regulations, it is necessary to have up-to-date financial documentation. For this reason, I will obtain either a 433-A or 433-F (IRS financial statement) and carefully review all income and expenses in order to negotiate a settlement agreement. Each case will be subject to a closing settlement method required by the IRS, which can be quickly completed within a few hours of receiving the case.

As part of my job, I assist clients in resolving their case by discussing and assessing their preferred settlement options. Based on their financial circumstances and requirements, I help them obtain a tailored agreement that is beneficial and appropriate for their situation.

To settle financial obligations, options are: hardship requests, payment agreements, or offers in compromise.

Receive prompt outcomes by unfreezing your bank accounts today. Ensure the resolution of your tax levy and settlement of your case by calling me for a reliable and complimentary tax consultation session, where you can directly speak to a qualified tax specialist. My services are backed by a guarantee of quality.

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