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Help Filing Taxes – File Back Tax Returns

Get Back on Track with Dreis Tax Services – Expert Help for Filing Back Taxes.

Help Filing Taxes – File Back Tax Returns

Let Dreis Tax Services, staffed by tax professionals, file your back tax returns and audit-proof your tax return. We can ensure that you do not become a candidate for an IRS Tax Audit.

Dreis Tax Services can file all your back, past due, and late tax returns, and negotiate a tax settlement with the IRS. As former IRS employees, we understand all the correct protocols to reintegrate you into the system safely and without concern.

We can help end your tax worries today by resolving your case and taking care of all your back taxes.

Each year, over 10 million tax returns go unfiled, and millions of taxpayers need assistance with both past and current tax years. Whether it’s a dislike of filing taxes or lost tax records, Dreis Tax Services is here to help. Call us today for a free tax consultation. If you owe money, we can negotiate a tax settlement on your behalf.

Filing Back Tax Returns – The process of filing back or unfiled, past due or delinquent tax returns:

We conduct a thorough examination of your annual income and expenses through verbal communication to ensure the accuracy of your tax return filing.

We carefully examine all available records, which may include your bank deposits.

We retrieve any information that the IRS has received from third-party sources and entered into their computer system within the last seven years. This includes all forms of income sources.

We offer uncomplicated forms to assist you in reconstructing your tax returns for previous years if your tax records are missing.

We can create a recon tax return for the IRS. With years of experience and IRS knowledge, we know their process and can handle reconstruction methods well.

We carefully examine all return submissions alongside the client to confirm accuracy before submitting them to the IRS for processing.

We can assist you in resolving any outstanding tax obligations by negotiating a settlement agreement with the IRS, which will effectively resolve your tax case.

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