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IRS Prepared My Tax Return

Guidance You Can Trust: IRS Prepared Your Tax Return


Reach out to us today to rectify this situation. Don’t let the IRS intimidate you.
If the IRS has prepared your return erroneously, we will amend it and work to reduce your tax liability.

Under the Internal Revenue Code, the IRC 6020(b) provides a way to prepare returns and secure assessments from non-filing taxpayers who:

  • Have an open filing requirement
  • Do not file a return as required
  • After receiving letters from the Internal Revenue Service, failed to reply to the Services request to file tax returns

How and why does the Internal Revenue Service process Business Returns IRC 6020(b), when the taxpayers have failed to file:

  1. Internal Revenue Code 6020(b) is the authority given to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to prepare and process returns for non-filing business taxpayers.
  2. Delegation Order No. 182 (Rev. 7), extends 6020(b) authority to Internal Revenue Agents; Tax Auditors; Revenue Officers, GS-9 and above; Collection Support Function Managers, GS-9 and above; Automated Collection Branch Unit Managers, GS-11 and above; Customer Service Collection Branch Managers, GS-10 and above; and Tax Resolution Representatives, GS-9 and above.


Logistics of 6020(b) Processing

  • Process a return under the provisions of IRC 6020(b) for Business Accounts returns if:
    • The entity appears to be liable for the return
    • The person required to file the return does not file it
    • Attempts to secure the returns fail

    The following Business returns are the returns usually prepared under the provisions of IRC 6020(b):

    • Form 941 Employers Quarterly Federal Tax Return
    • Form 940 Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment tax Return
    • Form 720 Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return
    • Form 944 Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return

    These 6020 (B) are usually processed out of the Ogden Utah IRS Campus. The returns are usually processed for a period of 3 back tax years. There is an undisclosed dollar criteria that the IRS will not process. These dollar amounts are kept under wrap and key but guesses are cases under $10,000 may not be brought out to the field because of a risk reward basis.

Federal and State Information Sharing Agreements

  • Different government Agencies between the Federal and State share agreements. They share the information regarding 6020(b) assessments. Agreements usually require the sharing of information as tax returns are assessed.
  • Be careful of unauthorized taxpayer information disclosures which will occur if you give more information than the Federal and state agreement specifies to share with the taxpayers’ state of residence. With the new age of computer share and computer mapping techniques available this sharing of information will be very prominent as we march forward into the computer technology age. These programs have existed for years but these matching programs are going to rake in billions of dollars over time.
  • If these agreements are active, maintain the integrity of the agreement by:
    1. Sharing weekly information regarding return assessments using information from the A6020b system
    2. Providing information specified in the agreement and requested by your federal/state coordinator.

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